New Books!


Just a quick post about some new books I have just purchased:
1. Complete Family Nutrition by Jane Clarke- really colourful and lovely layout. From just a quick read I have already discovered that a lack in hair strength can be caused by some contraceptive pills (among other things). Has lots of info on weaning your baby, the right food for kids, teenagers, over 50’s etc. It also includes recipe like “Falafel Burgers with Rocket and Tzatziki which sounds yum. You can buy it here from Amazon: for £13.99. I bought it for £4.99 from Home Sense.

2. Mastering Your Digital SLR by Chris Weston- I bought this one as I am hoping to create beautiful posts with great quality pictures using a DSLR camera that il buy during the Boxing Day sales. It’s got everything from lenses to digital basics, image capture and processing. Lots of really useful tips and also very well laid out. You can also buy this on Amazon for £13.00 or second hand much cheaper

3. The Abel and Cole Veg Box Companion- this is a fab book with gorgeous photos inside. The recipes are fairly simplistic but creative and original e.g. Pear and chilli mash. It also provides lots of info on the best time to be eating different veggies.
You can buy it directly from Abel and Coles website (they also deliver seasonal fruit and veg boxes in the UK)

4. Hungry? By Innocent- Not sure if Innocent is a UK only company but for any readers who don’t know- they are a smoothie company who have since branched out and create healthy, wholesome veg pots for ‘on the go’ eating. This book is written in a lovely, playful style and includes lots of great foodie tips and recipes from chocolate beetroot brownies to baked orangey carrots. You can buy it here and it’s around £13

5. The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit- a fab book that helps show you what food flavours go well together. Great if you fancy being a bit creative! It also has recipes too e.g. Grilled watermelon stakes with rosemary.
The books does lack colour but it more than makes up for that in content. Can also be nabbed from Amazon for approx £13.00 new.

A sneak peak of the inside of Complete Family Nutrition.

Recipes from these books to follow I’m sure.


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