Killer Abs and Cardio Workout

Yesterday’s killer workout at the gym. I decided to leave my walk/run until last and do it outside. I would have burnt more calories on the treadmill on a high incline but I love to be outside. Exercise HAS to be fun. If it’s not fun how are you going to stay motivated?

Also, exercise outside has been shown to lower blood pressure more than the same exercise indoors. Woop!

20 mins AMT-
30 seconds long strides 30 seconds short steps.
Level 10

5 mins rowing machine-
30 seconds easy 30 seconds hard

Pull ups-
3 sets Til failure.
I managed 11 in total

Ab knee ups (holding onto a pull up bar and bringing your knees up to your stomach/chest)
3 sets – however long you can hold on for

100 ab crunches on exercise ball

100 Russian twists with a medicine ball
(50 each side)

100 reverse crunches

100 medicine ball crunches

1 min plank

Jump squat burpee push-ups
3 sets of 8 (or more if you can)


15 minute jog/walk

Sadly my personal, professional photographer (AKA my boyfriend) wasn’t able to join me at the gym so here’s a pic of me planking in the garden instead 🙂



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