Moisturising Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Long hair is one of many obsessions I have. I aspire to have Miley Cyrus (pre twerking) hair, the kind that swishes around by your waist, the kind that little girls stare at in awe thinking you’re Rapunzel.

I follow an account on instagram called ohhellohair. Hellohair sells a ‘hydrating hair mask’- it’s 100% natural and vegan friendly so I thought I’d give it a go. Sadly they ship from Australia so it took a while to arrive (and cost a wee bit in postage) 100g costs $15.00 (aus dollars) plus $5 postage. Altogether that is £10.86, pretty expensive for a 100g hair mask. I’m not criticising hellohair, it was a great hair mask, however when I checked the ingredients I realised I could make this stuff myself for much cheaper. So I did.

The oil moisturisers your hair and helps to foster growth by repairing split ends and the option egg I sometimes add (gross I know but I really believe it works) is high in protein. Your skin absorbs 70-80% of what you put on it so, theoretically it will absorb the protein from the egg and protein is what your hair needs to help it grow.

Amounts will vary depending on length of hair so don’t worry too much about the amounts but go for:
5 parts coconut oil
1 part olive oil
1 part argan oil
1 egg (if using an egg reduce amounts of each oil).

Leave on as long as possible- I tend to wear a shower cap and have a towel on my shoulders to avoid oil leaking onto my clothes (maybe wear an old tshirt just incase). If you can leave it on overnight, just pop a towel over your pillow.

If you add an egg I tend to leave it on for just an hour- I cant really stand to leave it on any longer as the egg is kinda gross.

You may need to shampoo and rinse twice as the oil really sticks in your hair but after that give it a good condition and rinse with cold water and it will be lovely jubbly (and resembling something similar to Rapunzel’s).



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