My Guide to Dairy free/ Vegan Protein Shakes and a Piña Colada Style Shake Recipe


There are so many different types of protein powders out there it can be tricky to know which one to use. I prefer a dairy free powder as whey protein powders can have some minor (but kinda gross) side effects. They can also be very expensive. Not to mention the fact I am avoiding dairy at the mo.

I use vegan hemp protein powder as it is vegan friendly. But what even is hemp?

“Hemp is a plant, which grows naturally in many temperate climates across the globe. The seeds are analysed to detect contaminants, cleaned and sorted. They are then pressed, extracting the oil. The result is Hemp ‘cake’, which is then milled to a powder.” Description from Sevenmills Organic Hemp packaging.

It’s high in fiber, omega 3, low GI and 47% protein. It is starting to be thought of as a superfood and is also rich in Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium.
I get mine from a health food shop for about £14.99 but you can on Amazon in bulk and it is cheaper:

I then got my smartshaker from sports direct but you can also buy them online for about £7.99 and they have pink!

It’s great because it has a compartment on the bottom that screws on and you can put your protein powder in there until you need it 👅
So the hemp powder isn’t that tasty. It’s got quite an earthy taste so I like to blend it up with something sweet to hide the earth taste. Here is my ‘go-to’ recipe for a protein shake.

Piña Colada Style Shake

1 banana
1/2 cup of pineapple
1 cup of koko dairy free coconut water
1 scoop of hemp protein powder

Whizz up all ingredients in a blender and transfer to your shaker. Add protein when ready to drink and shake it up for about 1 min.

I like to have my protein shake straight after weight lifting sessions so the protein can reach the muscle and start repairing the small little tears your muscles have made whilst contracting.


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