My Top Healthy (Mostly) Picks for Halloween Treats

I love Halloween- any excuse to shove more sweets down my throat! It’s also a great time of year and I love seeing all the wonderful creations people come up for Halloween decorations, costumes and food. However, if you have kids you might worry that they are going to slip into some sort of horrific candy coma from all the junk they’re going to eat. Or you yourself are worried about slipping into said candy coma. Halloween is a great excuse and opportunity to teach your children that healthy food can be fun and tasty.

Here are my top Halloweeny themed food:

1. Fruity stuffed orange pumpkins:

You can find the recipe here

2. Stuffed Pepper Pumpkins
These guys look really yum- I think I might try them myself.

You can get the recipe for them here and the best part is they are vegan and gluten free. Woo!

3. Guacamole Pumpkin
This one is kinda gross but I actually like it. Unfortunately there isn’t a recipe link for but I think it’s quite self explanatory.


4. Ghostbusters Green Slime Popcorn

You can find this spooky recipe here

5. Witches Fingers
Unfortunately this pic didn’t have a recipe either but use breadsticks, dark melted chocolate and flaked almonds and stick in the fridge to set.


6. Mini toffee apple pops
These little guys are so cute- you could also dip them in dark chocolate (better for kids teeth).

The recipe can be found here

7. Veggie Skeleton
This one is a fav of mine and needs no recipe really- just cut up the veg and use a bowl for the dip at the head.


8. Dirt Jelly Worms
I reckon these look awesome and gross all at the same time.

You can find how to make them here

9. Watermelon Monster

Again self explanatory- carve and stuff with your kids favourite fruit.

10. Zombie/Vampire Teeth
I love this one, it’s so fun.

Use peanut butter or thick icing to stick the marshmallows in places

11. White Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts
Set in the fridge on cling film so they don’t stick to the plate!


12. Frightful Halloween Kabobs
Use marshmallows, kiwis and cheese puffs decorated with black icing.


13. Banana Ghosts and Tangerine Pumpkins. For these little guys just use some icing to stick on the chocolate drops and some celery pushed into the orange for the stem.


14. Halloween Themed Marshmallow Pops
And lastly these little ones- simply dip into melted dark chocolate and sprinkle with Halloween themed cake decorations (can be bought from most supermarkets).


I hope you enjoy these scary and fun little Halloween treats- please comment, like and share and spread the healthy lifestyle word!
Thank you! X


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