Why Everyone Should Try Krav Maga

Google’s definition:


My definition: a kick ass self defence class that I try to attend 2-3 times a week where I learn all kinds of cool shit e.g. How to defend myself against someone with a knife, gun, baseball bat; what to do if someone gets on top of me and chokes me, how to react when someone tries to put me in a headlock etc…

Iv complied a list of reasons why you really should give Krav Maga a go.

Reason 1: there is always a solution to any attack you might face:
I was one of those irritating, pain in the arse kids who always asked too many questions, “what’s the meaning of life? Why is the sky blue”; I even ask myself too many questions”does my butt look big in this?”- mostly they went (and still do) go unanswered. Fortunately, Krav is the only place I can happily ask questions til the cows come home. Why? Well because iv got awesome patient teachers- but more importantly because there is ALWAYS a solution.
When I say ‘questions’, I mean “what do you do if a man is on top of you but he has your arms pinned down, or, what to do if your walking home from a night out and some crazy chick tries to pull your hair out”.
(If you want to know the answer to these questions join a Krav Maga class). None of my Krav related questions ever go without an in depth explanation and demonstration.

Reason 2: I now have more confidence than ever (and not just confidence to defend myself).
I have never been shy but we all have comfort zones.
Walking into my first Krav Maga class I was surrounded by men. Lots of men. (Don’t get me wrong I love me some men but girls like to stick together). Trying something new can be scary enough but doing that with a bunch of strangers makes its scary-er-er-er. Thankfully my instructor was (and still is) an inspiring, bad ass and lovely female. A few more girls joined the session and all was right with the world again. So, surviving the class was confidence boosting enough however, it is the confidence it has instilled in me to stand up for myself, to protect myself and to beat the crap out of a guy 5 times my height and weight (ok, slight exaggeration I’m aware I am describing a giant) has changed my life and might just save my life (in fact it probably already has). Which leads me nicely onto…

Reason 3: it could save your life.
Krav will teach you everything you need to know to protect yourself from all kinds of real-life, realistic situations but it will also teach you how to avoid these kinds of situations. It gives you situational awareness, you start thinking “ok so what would I do if that guy behind me at the cashpoint pulls out a knife”. The other day a guy looking shifty in a hoody walked towards me with a hand in his pocket and started to take his hand out- immediately I thought “he could have a knife” and crossed the road. It wasn’t a knife but it could have been- creating distance between you and potential threats could also save your life.

Reason 4: you’ll become fitter.
Krav provides me with a great hour of cardio (including boxing, punching, kicking) but also some strength training. My instructor Anna does something her students like to call the circle of death: 10 minutes before the end of class we sit in a circle and in turn, each say an exercise e.g. Push ups, plank, sit ups. We then spend the next 20-30 secs completing each exercise suggested by each student. Needless to say, I’m glad I now attend the advance class where there are usually only 8 students!
Krav (and my instructor’s hot bod) was also part of the reason why I decided to start eating better and training at the gym. I wanted to be able to do the proper push ups like everyone else. I want to punch the pad and hear my partner say “that felt really strong”.
Speaking of partners…

Reason 5: you’ll make a great bunch of friends (and maybe even find a nice young man to take you out and buy you pretty shoes “ahem, still waiting on those Loubotins, Scott”)

Seriously though, I have made some totes amaze balls friends. There is something about sweating your butt off with a group of people (and kicking them repeatedly in the groin) that just creates a lovely, fun, supportive atmosphere- you will make life long friends, promise.


Reason 6: It’s fun!
I laugh at Krav every, single session. -It’s fun
-exercise is fun (hello endorphin rush!) -you’re working out with mates, -there’s usually heaps of opportunity for a few innuendos (my favourite kind of joke),
-kicking men in the groin- doesn’t get much more fun than that!

Reason 7: you don’t have to be good, to start.
I started without any prior experience in fighting or self defence. The great thing about Krav is it utilises your natural reactions. Anyone learn it. And it’s easy to learn. It’s about short, sharp, simple techniques to get the job done, no matter your age, weight, height, strength. We have young whipper snappers at my class and some not so whipper snappery-ish people too (they still totally kick ass).

Reason 8: CHICAS- get ready to feel empowered!
Sadly women can often be made to feel weaker. The stereotype is that men are bigger and stronger. No one gives a crap about that at Krav. And there ain’t no better feeling than being a 5ft 3 blonde girl and being able to take down a 6ft, 13 stone guy. One of my instructors, Anna, holds FREE female only Krav Maga sessions every few months or so. They are 2-3 hours long and she is literally trying to empower women and teach them self defence- no catch. Nothing. Nada. Niet. Ok, you get the idea.
So, if you’re in the Gloucestershire area, check out what she’s up to and get involved!
Ladies Only Krav Maga Empower
Men, you will also feel empowered- don’t worry!

Reason 9: your friends will think you’re a total bad ass. And you will be!

I hope my post has encouraged you to get out there and try a class- there are loads of places all over the UK and abroad that teach it. My club lets you try a class for free but let’s face it, you’ll be hooked before the end of the session.

Get out of your comfort zone and go do something new!

Still want to know more? Here’s a little vid of me training ‘defence against multiple attackers’

And my amazeballs instructor in her fancy pants vid that she’s created:


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