How to Stay Healthy During the Christmas Season

Christmas is my favourite time of year (minus the freezing temperatures). It is my favourite time of year mostly because of all the amazing food there is. And often it’s free (WIN!). However, it is also often very unhealthy.

If you’ve been working hard all summer to get your bikini bod, you might not want to sacrifice your new found health and happiness for high calorie foods and holiday weight.

If you’re totes popular then no doubt you’ve been invited to a heap of fancy pants parties where the canapés will be amaze and you might find it hard to them turn down.

What’s a gal (or guy) to do?
Follow my top tips to help you stay trim this year.

1. Go for the Healthy Options.
Duh. Ok it’s an obvious one but veggie crudités (veg sticks to us) is always a good one. Be wary of fattening cheesey dips and stick to houmous/guacamole etc…

2. Eat Before You Go.
If it is a fancy pants canapé party that you’re off to, eat something to keep you going, beforehand. As a rule party planners/chefs plan for approx. 3-4 canapés per person. That sh*t seriously ain’t gonna keep you full. I’d recommend having something slow burning like a banana (it will keep you full but won’t make you feel like you’re bursting out of your LBD.

3. Make a Rule and Stick to it.
Either say to yourself “il have 3 canapes, enjoy them and then stop” or “I’m not going to eat any of it” once you’ve decided try to stick to it (I know it’s hard). Often at posh parties they will have waiters; look deep in conversation and they won’t hang around long enough to let you grab something off their plate.

4. Tell Your Guests About Your Dietary Requirements.
This one can be tricky as it can often appear rude however, if you tell your guest prior to a meal that you are trying to avoid a particular food, they might offer you an alternative.

5. Be Wary of Liquid Calories.
Soft and alcoholic drinks can both be high in sugar and thus high in calories. Either stick to only have one or two, offer to be designated driver or go for water.
As I’m more of a foodie than a drinker il go for water and enjoy more food instead. If you are going to have a drink a spirit and low cal mixer is best (such as a gin and slim line tonic)



6. Avoid Crisps Like the Plague.
A lot of crisps ingredients include a flavouring that is addictive so you’ll keep eating it even though you don’t want anymore. It’s better not to have even one.

7. Keep Hydrated.
If you do have a few too many mulled wines make sure you have a big glass of water before bed to reduce that pounding headache in the morning. Making an effort to drink more h2o in general is also great for a healthy body.



8. Don’t Skip Meals to Counteract Your Indulgence.
I would never condone skipping meals. It’s just not good for your body. If you have gone a bit mad on the Christmas cheese boards just eat something more healthy the next day.

9. Dancing.
And lots of it! If you do indulge a little, what better way to burn off the calories than dancing to cheesy Christmas songs? Except maybe kissing under the mistletoe?



10. Meal Prep!
Christmas is always a busy time of year. Preparing meals and refrigerating/freezing them means you’re less likely to grab a takeaway when you’ve run out of time.

11. Easy on the Gravy, Girlfriend.
Gravy is often high in fat (especially if your grandmothers made it the old school way) so go easy and only have a small amount.

12. Plan Ahead.
If it’s a sit down meal then plan what you’re going to eat ahead of time. Most work parties/pubs will give you the menu weeks in advance so that they can be prepared. You can be prepared too by deciding what you will have in advance and sticking to it. They often have salmon as an alternative to turkey so unless it’s Christmas day, I’d recommend choosing fish as it’s a healthier option

13. Stay Active!
Take the stairs whilst Christmas shopping, walk wherever possible and add in some quick at home workouts if you don’t have time to get to the gym. If you’re whole family are coming round and start to drive you crazy, suggest a walk to get some air and burn off the calories.

14. Stop When You’re Done, Not When Your Plate’s Empty.
I’m always the one who eats more than they can handle. If I’m treating myself, I feel it’s a waste if don’t eat and savour all of it but I end up with an aching stomach from too much food. Know when to stop and savour the last bite whilst you are eating.

15. Carpe Food (Seize the food).
Last but not least, Christmas is a time for celebration! If you really want to, just say ‘sod it!’ and enjoy yourself. After all, life is short. Just make sure when the party season is over you get back on track with healthy food and a good exercise plan (il help you with that in January anyway so no worries- I got it covered). Besides, a study in the New York journal of medicine suggests most of us only gain about one pound during Christmas.



I hope you found this post useful, if you did please like/share/comment. Thank you! X


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