My Healthy Take on the BLT Sandwich


Lunchtimes can be really tough when trying to eat healthy. Often we don’t have much time in the mornings to prepare something. Also, many fitness blogs might suggest brown rice, veg and chicken for lunch; great, but if you work somewhere where there is no microwave…not so great.

I love BLT sandwiches, well sans the tomato, so really just a BL. Sandwiches can be a great meal for lunch as they are easy to prepare and travel well.
Prepackaged supermarket sandwiches can be high in fat, salt and often sugar too. Ready made BLT’s start at 450kcal, some even as high as 600kcal- for some, that’s half your calorie allowance for the day!

So I decided to make my own version that tots up to be only 363kcal

2 unsmoked bacon rasher medallions
1 wholemeal pitta bread
1 cup of lettuce (shredded/chopped)
1 medium sized tomato (sliced)
Half a medium sized avocado (mashed)
Pepper/chili flakes (optional)

Grill the bacon until cooked, (use a rack so the fat drips off and the bacon isn’t sitting in its own fat).
Toast the pitta bread and cut open.
Spread the avocado mash onto the pitta bread (sounds odd but it’s really tasty and creamy)

Avocados are great because they contain healthy fats that your body needs. Mayonnaise (and often light versions), can often be higher in salt to compensate for the lack of fat and thus, taste. They also contain saturated fats-not what your body needs).

Add in the lettuce, tomato and bacon and season with pepper/chili flakes, whatever spices you fancy.



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