The 8 Hour Diet


I am very excited to be trialling a new diet that I read about last night. I came across it on the internet and was very intrigued. I downloaded the book onto my bf’s tablet (sneaky right? Hopefully he’ll forget I owe him 5 quid for it!) and couldn’t put it down until I’d read the whole thing.

So what is the 8 hour diet?

Firstly it’s co-written by the ex editor in chief for Men’s Health and the current editor of Men’s Health (already I was thinking, ok it’s gonna be pretty legit, right?). It also includes heaps of research and scientific evidence that it WORKS- so much so, that even the scientists who conducted the research now eat this way. So far so good!

It’s a bit like the 5:2 diet but sooo much easier.

I was always interested in trying the 5:2 diet but only consuming 500 calories on 2 days a week?! HELL NO!

How the 8 hour diet works

Basically for 3 days out of the week (or more if you want- up to 7 days a week) you only eat for 8 hours and ‘fast’ for the remaining 16. e.g. Eat breakfast at 10, continuing eating as much as you want- YES you heard right AS MUCH as you want until 6pm (you can choose whatever 8 hours suit you but obviously, they need to be 8 in succession. Then, when 6pm comes around you stop eating and fast until 10pm the next day. You can drink water, tea and coffee during the time that you are fasting.

What’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one really- all they ask is that during your 8 hours (and on the other days of the week if possible) you “eat your 8” that’s 1 food from each group of ‘superfood catergories’ that they have chosen.

The Categories

Lean meats/eggs

Walnuts or other nuts

Yoghurt/other dairy



Other Fruit

Green Veg


(veggies and vegans can still do it- they just need to use protein/dairy replacements)

You are also encouraged to complete 8 minutes of exercise everyday (on the days when you fast, complete in the morning before you eat). For those of you who don’t usually exercise it can be as easy as an 8 minute walk to pick up the papers. That it. For anyone already exercising, there are workouts you can follow in the book.

The Best Part

As long as you eat your 8, you can eat whatever else you want, donuts, cookies, bag of crisps. They obviously don’t recommend spending your days at the all you can eat buffet but YES you can still enjoy as many indulgences as you want (provided on the fast days you eat it within the 8 hours).

Still sounds too go to be true? I was skeptical at first too but having read the book (which I highly recommend you do) you will read all about the evidence behind why this diet works.

The Even Better Part

Because you’re still eating foods that they believe are vital for optimum health and nutrition (the 8 superfood categories), even though you are still enjoying junk food- it doesn’t compromise your health! WOOHOO! Again there’s more science behind why your health isn’t being compromised in the book.

So, I will be tracking my progress, writing what I eat, how I feel, weightloss, change in body shape etc…so that you can then see if it really works before having to give it a go yourself. I know, I’m so great to you guys, putting myself through this grueling diet, forcing myself to enjoy chocolate, cakes, crisps etc…ha ha.

If you are still confused about how the diet works, comment below and I’ll answer any questions you have, and, if I’ve already sold you on this diet, start it with me, comment below and we will go through it together!

Stay tuned for updates guys!

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