Meal Prep: How to Do it and Why You Should


With this last month being a particular struggle for me as I have been eating meat free, it prompted me to plan and prep my meals for the week to help keep me on the right track, diet wise.

So how to do it?

Do it on a Sunday, ready for the week ahead.
Pic one dish or two if you really can’t face eating the same meal all week.

Chose a dish that is easy to batch make and freeze/defrost/store.

I went for vegetarian shepherds pie.
Cook enough to last you all week. I eat at home 4 nights a week so I made four meals.

If you can, plan breakfast, lunch and even your snacks too.

For my breakfast I have porridge so I didn’t need to prep it and for lunch I can whip up something quick at home so I only need to prep my evening meals.
As you can see from the picture, for snacks I prepped the night before; that’s grapes, natural yoghurt and cinnamon.

Divide the meal up into Tupperware boxes and make sure to cook your veg too (undercook it slightly as it will cook whilst being reheated)

Store the first 3 meals in the fridge and the rest in the freezer (defrost in the morning and reheat and eat in the evening).

Why should you meal prep?

It’s easy: You make one thing and then your cooking is done for the week! We are all tired after a day at work and most of us don’t fancy cooking a meal, especially if you live alone. This way you can put in minimal effort for a delicious and healthy meal.

It’s quick: Each night all you need to do is reheat your meal and it’s good to go.

No extra washing up: Wash up on Sunday and then during the week all you need to wash up is your Tupperware box.

It’s more healthy: You’re more likely to eat the healthy food you prepared on Sunday because it’s there, ready for you.

It’s cheaper: bulk buying food is cheaper. Also, you won’t be saying “I can’t be bothered to cook, I’ll get a takeaway”.

Minimal effort, cost, time, washing up. Need I say more?

Get meal prepping now!

If you need some ideas, check out my 7 day meal plan herehere


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Katy x


3 thoughts on “Meal Prep: How to Do it and Why You Should

  1. I have found myself prepping meals ahead like this since the birth of my daughter, its great to be able to have something you know if going to be nice to eat already prepared. Your veggy shep pie looks yummy by the way 🙂

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