Top Tips on How to do Your Food Shop the Healthy Way


Do it on a Sunday
If you can, do your food shopping on a Sunday, that way you’ve got everything you need to set yourself up for a week of healthy eating.

Plan Your Meals
Plan each meal, even each snack you’re going to have between now and your next shop, another sneaky way of making you less likely to pick up unhealthy food towards the end of the week. Need some ideas on what to eat? Check out my healthy eating meal plan here

Use up Leftovers
When planning your meals, make sure they go together e.g. Chilli con carne one night and then make extra for fajitas the next day.

Get it Delivered
Having your food delivered takes the stress and time out of having to go yourself. Plus, you’ll be less likely to buy unhealthy food because it’s not waving at you with its enticing shiny wrappers and irresistible deals everywhere you turn.
Once you’re into online food shopping regularly, you can just click on your old purchases and re-order, so the healthy food you were so motivated to eat 2 weeks ago is still up on that list and you’re more likely to buy it!

Eat Before You Go
Everyone knows shopping on an empty stomach is not a good thing. Like the picture above you’ll want to EAT ALL THE FOODS if you go on an empty stomach.

Don’t Take Anyone With You (Or Take a Healthy Friend)
If possible shop without kids/husbands/partners who don’t have the same healthy ideas you do, junk food is often positioned at a child’s level to make sure your kids beg you for it.
Alternatively, shopping with a healthy friend might be a great influence on what you buy.

Ignore the Deals
Junk food is addictive. The more you eat it, the more you want it. If you buy something unhealthy don’t buy unnecessary amounts simply because they are cheap or even free. If it’s not in the house you won’t be tempted.

Leave the Cheat Meal Food
If, like me, you like to have a cheat meal once a week, don’t buy that food with your other shopping. It will only sit in the fridge begging to be eaten earlier than planned.
Jot down any cravings you have throughout the week and buy that food the day your going to eat it and not before.

Don’t go Down THAT aisle
You know the one, it’s different for all of us but we all have one, the one you secretly eye up, then argue with yourself over whether you should go down it (and then you do anyway “just to look” trust me, i have been there, more than once). Just. Don’t. Do. It. Simple as.

Use the Self Serve
If you can bare that irritating voice “unidentified item in the bagging area” go for the self serve.
Tip: there’s a mute button to shut the annoying women up!
Going for the self scan means you’re less likely to fall for one of the chocolate bars/sweets by the sides of the normal tills.

Buy Frozen
Yes fresh is best but it also costs more and goes off much quicker.
For smoothies go for frozen fruit and spinach, for stir frys and boiled veg buy frozen.

For Fruit and Veg, Go for Aldi
Aldi is much better quality than most people think and the fruit and veg is SO cheap. Seriously, I love going there. Try it out and keep your bank balance happy.

Avoid White Foods
In the words of my boyfriend, “if it’s white, it’s shite” haha. This ones pretty much a ‘does what it says on the tin’. Think white bread, pasta, chips, crisps, cheese (ok a little cheese is ok- at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Why don’t I have abs again?)

Fresh is Best
Yes I am contradicting myself but for this one I mean if it’s fresh produce, it’s much less likely to be bad for you. If it can go mouldy, it’s good. If it doesn’t go mouldy (or takes a long time to) what the hell kinda chemicals are in it to keep it ‘fresh’?

Aspartame? Ey?!
If you can’t pronounce the ingredients steer clear. As a rule of thumb, most ingredients you can’t pronounce or don’t recognise usually mean bad news. Take aspartame as an example: found in diet coke, yoghurts and a whole heap of other seemingly ‘healthy foods’, it’s basically satan. I might be biased because I literally hate aspartame BUT it actually INCREASES hunger by tricking your brain into thinking it needs to eat more, not to mention it’s been linked to the cause of brain tumours. Still sound tasty?

The Greener the Cleaner
Basically the opposite of “if it’s white it’s shit”. Eat ‘clean’ and pick lots of green leafy veg to add to your meals.

Don’t be an Advertisers Dream
My boyfriend’s always telling me this. You couldn’t sell me a piece of rubbish but if you packaged it in pink sparkly wrapping, I’d buy it. Don’t fall for this but also don’t fall for packets that say words like “nature” “farm” or any of that bulls***. Most of the time they are trying to make it look healthy when really it’s full of rubbish. Similarly, “premium” often means “budget” and is also likely to be filled with junk.

Don’t Drink Your Calories
Buying calorie laden hot chocolates, milkshakes, coke etc.. All add towards your calorie intake for the day but they don’t fill you up! Meaning extra calories that are no good to your body!

I hope this helps with your next shopping trip. Let me know if you’ve got any of your own tips and I’ll add them to the list!
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Thank you!
Katy x


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