Why You Absolutely NEED to Throw Away Your Scales


I cant resist weighing myself when I get the chance. I don’t own a set of scales but my gym has one and i use that sometimes. However, I have realised its gotta stop, here’s why:

1. They are bad news and can ruin even the fittest persons’ self esteem.

2. You have to weigh yourself at the same time every week to get a slightly clearer idea of any weight loss/gain. Even then you may have just drunk a pint of water or whatever. There are lots of factors that can affect your weight and (assuming you are hoping to see the number go down) it can be disheartening when the number stays the same or goes up.

3. You might have gained muscle which will increase fat burning potential (great in the long run but not so great when you step on the scales). Other factors might be that you haven’t been to the bathroom, that you’re due your period, you ate a big meal the night before…you get the idea.

4. You’ll be more likely to binge- if you step on the scale and the number’s gone down, you’ll tell yourself you deserve a reward for all that hard work (but unless it’s your chest day, you’re about to ruin that!)
If you step on and the numbers gone up, you’ll feel so shitty and you’ll probably think, what’s the point? Whatever I’m doing obviously isn’t working, I give up. Cue, bingeing.

5. That number doesn’t define you, your beauty, self worth, awesome personality, intelligence (I could go on all day because trust me, you’re awesome in so many ways that simply won’t show up on a scale).

6. It will NEVER be the right number- I see girls on Instagram who write in their profile what their “goal weight” is and then their “ideal weight” but I know from experience, when you reach that weight, you’ll find something else to hate on- “yes I’m 9 stone now but I still don’t like my thighs and my arms are still flabby.”

7. You’ll compare that number to others- you and your best pal might weigh exactly the same but she’s taller and slimmer and you’re shorter and curvier (I don’t mean to imply tall girls can’t be curvier, I’m simply trying to compare and can’t find the right/appropriate words to do so).
Any way my point is we all carry weight in different areas. I have literally no boobs- my fat prefers to just chill around my thighs. Those girls in the pic at the top? They all weigh exactly the same!

8. It is just a number! It really doesn’t represent anything. How can it when as I have already said, we all carry fat in different places?

9. Nobody else gives a shit- your partner, friends, family, they love you for who you are and how you treat them, not how much you weigh.

10. Scales were made for food. You ain’t food. Nuff said.

Yes scales are basically satan, but I do agree, its nice to see hard evidence that all that effort is actually worth it.

I’ve taken a front, side and back view of my body in knickers and a bra and each month i take another set of photos to compare. Take the photo first thing in the morning when your stomach isn’t full though. This is a much better indicator of whether your body is changing.

This should be about being HEALTHY! It is so important to eat well and exercise so focus on that. Make the healthy food you eat tasty and enjoyable and the exercise you do fun and tiring. If you focus on being healthy you will be HAPPY but if you focus on the scales you will be UNHAPPY.

My advice? Throw those stupid lying bastard scales in the bin and go have fun!
If you need to weigh your suitcase, borrow your neighbours or buy one of those shitty spring pully system luggage weighers (you literally cannot weight yourself on them, trust me I’ve tried). And if those inaccurate things mean you pay an extra tenner at the airport? Well you won’t give a shit- you’ll be permanently happy since you threw those scales away and it will SO have been worth it.


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