Rainbow Protein Smoothie

I love this smoothie- isn’t it a beaut? It looks quite tricky but it’s super easy to make and taste deeelish.

The key with this recipe is to make sure the mixture is thick enough so the next layer doesn’t sink into it.


Mango Layer-

1 mango, peeled and chopped

Half a banana

10ml of water

Spinach Layer-

2 bananas

1tbsp of hemp protein powder

Small handful of frozen spinach

15ml of water

Raspberry layer-

Handful of frozen raspberries

1 banana

10ml of water


In a blender mix up the mango layer and pour into a glass.

Wash the blender and mix up the spinach layer and pour on top of the mango layer.

Wash the blender again and mix up the raspberry layer. Pour on top and…devour!

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Katy x


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