How to Eat Healthily on a Budget

“Eating Healthily is too Expensive”, that’s what many people say when trying to find an excuse as to why they don’t eat better. But that is what it is, an BS excuse. Yes, if you ate every meal during the day at McDonlalds, it would probably be cheaper, but you’d also be dead or seriously ill within a couple of months.

So I am posting what I eat in a week to demonstrate how easy it really is to eat well on a budget. I’ll also add my top tips on how to make your food shop cheaper.In order to bring down the cost of eating well, I will eat the same meal for lunch for a week and the same meal for supper too. Not only does this mean you aren’t wasting food by binning left-overs, but also allows you to meal-prep more easily. Here I have broken down exactly what I eat and exactly how much it costs per meal and per week. 

Breakfast: Porridge Oats with Berries 

75g of porridge oats (13p per meal)

50g frozen raspberries (31p per meal)

200ml coconut water (30p per meal)

15g honey (7p per meal) 

TOTAL= 81p per meal = £5.67 per week 

Morning Snack: Natural Yoghurt and Fruit

200g Onken Natural Yoghurt (40p per meal)

1 Apple (31p per meal) 

TOTAL= 71p per meal = £4.97 per week

Lunch: Spaghetti Bolognese 

450g turkey mince (45p per meal)

1 tin chopped tomatoes (8p per meal)

1 red onion (4.5p per meal)

15g ketchup (4p per meal)

15g of balsamic vinegar (6p per meal)

5g of worcestershire sauce (11p per meal)

50g wholemeal spaghetti (13p per meal)

91.5 2og mature cheddar cheese (27p per meal)  

TOTAL= £1.17 per meal = £8.19 per week 

Afternoon Snack: Protein Shake 

1 banana (12p per meal)

100g tin of pineapple (14p per meal)

2 tbsp of hemp protein powder (70p per meal)

1 tbsp of spirulina (35p per meal) 

TOTAL= £1.31 per meal = £9.17 per week 

Supper: Cajun Chicken and Veg 

1 chicken breast (70p per meal)

100g mixed frozen veg (8.9p per meal)

5g cajun spice (13p per meal)

TOTAL= 92p per meal = £5.51 per week 

Nutritional Values Per Day:

1,524kcal 53g fat, 153g carbohydrates 100g protein 


For an entire week of food, £33.51 is pretty cheap I reckon. Yes I have eaten the same food all week but I like that food. The next week I would mix it up and chose something different. By cooking the same meal for the week it also allows me to easily prep all my meals on a Sunday, ready for the week ahead. It also means I am much more likely to eat the healthy food I have prepared rather than waste money on junk food. 

For more info on Meal Prep click here 

So, how to make your food shop as cheap as possible?

1. Shop around and find the cheapest available supermarket- for me that’s Aldi.

2. Buy frozen if possible, it’s easy to store, cheaper and won’t go to waste as it wont go off like fresh would.

3. Buy in bulk- buy large portions of products that can be easily stored e.g. rice, pasta, sauces, oils, etc…

4. Look for the discounted products that are nearly at their sell by date- cook and freeze. 5.

Buy fresh if it’s on offer and freeze it.

6. Grow your own fruit/veg if possible.

7. Shop with a friend- and share the bargains e.g. a 2 for 1 offer but you only actually need 1? Share with a friend and split the cost

8. Go for value/basics range if available

9. Check the price per 100g/100ml (it’s usually in smaller print near the bottom of the price label) sometimes a product appears more expensive because its slightly larger in quantity than products similar to it, however the price per 100g might be cheaper than its competitors.

10. By meat in bulk- buy a whole chicken and eat it for the week, it’s much cheaper than buying individual portions- you’re paying to have it cut up for you!

11. Buy in season- fruit and veg bought in season is always cheaper as you aren’t paying for the shipping costs. 12. Buy online- check the price online for things like protein powder, its often cheaper on websites like amazon I hope you found this post helpful! Please like/share/comment! Thank you, Katy x


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