14 Things Every Girl Needs to Remember About Losing Weight

1. It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint-

Weight-loss takes time.
Let me tell you right now and save you years of trying shit, fad diets like I have, THEY DON’T WORK. Juice cleanses, detox teas, diet pills, wraps and ridiculous bone crushing corsets might work in the short term, but you can’t keep that shit up. It’s simply not sustainable (and not good for your body). So learn from mine and millions of others women’s mistake that the only way to lose weight is to eat healthy food you enjoy and move your body on the daily.

2. Half Assed Workouts Will Happen Every Now and Then-
Life can be tiring, I’m pretty much tired all the time, I’m tired right now. So it’s inevitable that sometimes you’ll do a shitty workout and go home feeling rubbish. Remember this, a crap workout is better than no workout at all. So go home, forget about it and try again tomorrow.
3. Sometimes You Can’t Tell You’re Making Progress-
You’ll have days where you feel fat and frumpy despite the fact your butt looks more bangable than Beyonce’s. Everyone feels fat sometimes, yep, even Queen Bey. When that happens, hibernate under the duvet and binge watch Netflix all day. Also, fake tan makes everyone look better so slap that stuff all over your body and wallow in your beautiful tannedness.
4. Eating Healthy Food Needs to Taste Good-
Similar to fad diets, eating steamed Brocoli and plain chicken isn’t gonna work. You’re gonna get so bored of that shit and you’ll end up gorging yourself on cookie dough icecream and a whole jar of Nutella *guilty*.
So make the healthy food you eat deelish and it will be so much easier to lose weight. Need some delish healthy food inspo? Check out my recipes!
5. You Will at Some Point End Up Gorging Yourself on Cookie Dough-
and a whole jar of Nutella even if you’re eating delish healthy food the rest of the time.
And you know what? THATS OK! Life is short and sometimes we just need to eat the damn cake/icecream whatevs. So rather than beat yourself up about it, remind yourself that we have all been there, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again tomorrow, just don’t use the excuse “life is short” every day because yes, then you’ll life will be very short.
6. Preparing Your Meals Will Make Your Life 100 Times Easier-
Trust me on this one.
Less than 2 hours cooking on a Sunday and one load of washing up and your done for the whole week! Plus you’ll be so much more likely to eat the healthy food when you can just come home from work and stick it in the microwave for 3 mins rather than have to cook after a long day. Check out my blog post on how to do meal prep here
7. There’s Always Gonna be Someone Skinnier Than You-
Just like you probably feel there are girls out there with better hair or clearer skin. The sooner you learn to except this fact and completely and utterly love the body you have rather than comparing yourself to someone else, the sooner you’ll be happy. You’re awesome girlfriend! Start believing it!
8. Lifting Weights Won’t Make You Bulky-
Unless you’re taking steroids and lifting seriously, seriously heavy weights, you ain’t gonna get big girl. You’ll get nice and toned and still look slim. So get start adding in some weightlifting sessions into your workouts and you’ll be burning fat waaaaay after you’ve finished working out. Yaaaas! Thumbs up sign
9. Food (and in particular carbs and fat) is Not The Enemy-
You need to eat a balanced diet so that means lots of protein, some carbs (the good kind like brown rice, wholewheat pasta, quinoa and sweet potato), a little healthy fats (think avos, coconut oil) and the occasional treat. Everything in moderation chicas.
10. There’s Always Going to be a Reason not to Work out or to Skip the Healthy Meal-
Birthdays, nights out, Friday’s, anything you can think of, I’ve used as an excuse to not go to the gym or to eat crap food. So make the decision to celebrate properly and start a fresh the next day (and not beat yourself up about it) or suck it up, go to the gym and be healthy.
11. You’ve Gotta Have Fun!
In 40, 50, 60 years times are you gonna think, “I’m so glad I obsessed over how I look during the best years of my life” or “I’m so glad I decided to f**k the haters love by booty, did my own thing and had a bloody good time whilst still indulging every now and then”.
12. It’s OK To Use Being On Your Period as an Excuse Not To Go To The Gym-
Follow number 3 and hibernate.
13. Shopping Definitely Counts as Cardio!
The more clothes you buy, the more bags you carry- the more calories you’ll burn. Win, win!
14. NEVER Lose Weight for a Guy-
Do it for you and no-one else. If that douche bag doesn’t love you the way you are, you seriously need to get rid, girl.
So remember, however you decide to be healthy make sure it’s fun!

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Katy x


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