10 Tips To Surviving a ‘Fat Day’

If you read my last post you’ll know that a couple of days ago I went shopping for a pair of high waisted denim hot pants and ended up having a bit of a meltdown- long story short, the lighting in the Topshop changing room was so unflattering and the shorts made me look gross- as a result I had a ‘ugh I hate my body’ day. To read more about that click here

To read how I survived…keep reading.

Oh and before I go any further thank you to all the lovely comments I received after writing my last post- it was so nice to read such supportive comments. Us humans gotta stick together ๐Ÿ™‚
Here’s me in my new pair of much better fitting denim hot pants saying f**k you to that crap pair in Topshop.

So you’re feeling shit- you have 2 choices:
Choice 1: buy a jar of Nutella, hide under the duvets, binge watch Netflix and wallow in your own misery.
Now this one is often a firm favourite of mine and sometimes is really well needed however, you are more likely to feel bad the next day due to the now empty jar of Nutella. If you go for this option it MUST be under the premise that you do not allow yourself to feel any guilt the next day. Enjoy that damn Nutella jar like it’s your last meal on Earth and pick yourself up again tomorrow and start the healthy eating again. Okay?

Choice 2: get up and go do something else. That night I went to my weekly Krav Maga class (I had been tempted to do the Nutella binge choice) instead. Choice 2 basically just means you try and do something that will make you feel good and take your mind off the shitty feeling you had. Krav Maga allowed me to hit, kick and punch things really hard and get all that angry frustration out. Choice 2 sadly does not involve a jar of Nutella, in fact Choice 2 means you go for the healthy option despite the misery you feel inside because you know deep, deep, deep down you will get there with your weight-loss goals you just gotta keep going girl!
Choice 2 is obviously the best option but sometimes it’s just not what you need.ย 
In both situations I’d encourage you to talk to someone-just vent and get it all out. Trust me you’ll feel better after.

Aside from these choices here are my top tips to help with the bad body feels you’ve got/might get:
1. Bath, bubbles and bed:
Relax, chill out and get an early night. It will feel Sooo good!
2. Pamper:
Shave, exfoliate, fake tan, moisturiser, mani/pedi, massage etc… Anything that’s gonna make you feel pretty and beautiful and lovely.
3. Don’t give up:
It’s as simple as that. It’s so much harder if you give up- you’ve come so far already!
4. Remind yourself of when you started:
Have a look at one of your ‘before’ pics and remember how far you’ve already come and how well you’re doing!
5. Enjoy the journey: one of the comments I received on my last post was that although it can be really tough being on the weight lost journey, try and enjoy it- see how you’re nourishing your body and just keep going.
6. Have other goals too:
A weight loss goal is fine but why not have a fitness goal too like being able to squat 60kg or do a proper pull up? That way you can celebrate mini successes too and not just weight loss ones.
7. Get some perspective- realise that there’s a whole world of people out there in a worse position than you so quit ya whining and appreciate how many great things you have.
8. Find something good in each day:
Even if it’s as small as someone let you out at a junction whilst driving. There is goodness in each day I promise.
9. Find something good about your body:
So maybe you don’t like your thighs or stomach yet but there is something else you like about your body.
I like my eyes because they’re blue and everyone says they’re like my dad’s eyes.
What do you like about yourself? Find something and focus on that.
10. Embrace everything, be sad for a while if you need to be sad and be happy when you should be happy. That’s real and that’s life and you’re only human so embrace your emotions just try to smile too ๐Ÿ™‚
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please like/share/comment.
Thank you!
Katy x

2 thoughts on “10 Tips To Surviving a ‘Fat Day’

  1. Hey(: I love your blog! Could you do a post on how to drink more water or fitting it in on a busier day when you’re not just laying around?
    Thanks for reading,


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