Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

IMG_4978Vietnamese Rolls Chopping Board 3

This recipe is super quick and easy and great if you’re looking to try something new. It’s also lovely to photograph food that is so bright and colourful! You’ll get seriously good instagram-worthy pics.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can make it vegan/veggie/meat-loving so you can cater to all your guests. Yay!

So first things first you’ll need to get yourself a Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll kit from the supermarket. I got mine from Sainsburys for about £2.50.

All you need to do is prep a load of bright raw veggies by chopping them up finely. I used carrot (and used a julienne pealer to peal it), red cabbage, cucumber and mixed salad leaves- it’s nice to have a variety of textures as well as colours.

IMG_4956Vietnamese Rolls Chopping Board

At this point it’s worth mentioning if you want to add meat you need to cook that first, I suggest trying some crispy roast duck or shredded pork.

Simply follow the instructions on the packet and get wrapping your rolls. Serve with an Asian style sauce such as hoisin or sweet chilli dipping.

Serve on a pretty plate and…devour!

IMG_4967Vietnamese Rolls Chopping Board 2

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Thank you!

Katy x


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