3 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Give Up Sugar

Yep you read that right. Shouldn’t.

I decided to write this post after I get inundated with posts on my FB feed about why you need to give it up. Here’s why I think the opposite.

1. It tastes good. So effing good.

Life is short guys, really short, and I believe that everything should be eaten in moderation. You don’t need to go overboard but life should be fun and a little chocolate or enjoying birthday cake with friends should be fun not something you refuse.
2. So you decided to give up sugar and inevitably you caved and ate some and then you ate some more, and a little more and before you know it you’ve eaten an entire ‘great for sharing’ multi pack of Maryland cookies without even realising it (been there- seriously).
3. You’ll get serious diet guilt if you try and go cold turkey- because unless you are the most hard-core person ever, you are going to fall off the no sugar wagon at some point and when you do you’ll get diet guilt and feel so shitty about the fact you ‘failed’. So save feeling guilty for when you buy that secret pair of Louboutins when you’re already in your student overdraft.
So to sum it up, I’m not saying go ahead and enjoy the entire ‘great for sharing’ multipack of Maryland cookies, but seriously, the occasional 1 or 2 cookies ain’t gonna hurt.

┬áMe, pictured here on a recent holiday to Spain, enjoying some Mars flavoured ice cream, just to reiterate the point that even katyhemfit enoys an occassion bit of sugar, after all, I’m only human.


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