10 Reasons You Should Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is something I absolutely love and it is really important for me to practice yoga regularly because I do tend to get lower back pain 😦

Unfortunately, whilst I have gone for being a very lazy person (4 years ago) to now being very active and often working out twice a day- I am really lazy when it comes to regular yoga practice and find it hard to motivate myself to do it.

I was attending a weekly yoga class at my gym but unfortunately the classes I enjoyed are on days that I now work. I would like to attend another yoga class but having just finished uni I can’t really afford to go to another yoga studio (the one I was attending was included in my gym membership).

So, I downloaded a great app called Yoga Studio and use that as well as heaps of Youtube videos and also DVD’s. So there really isn’t any excuse.

Today I lent over to pick something up and felt my back ‘go’ like it has in the past; luckily this time I didn’t curl over in agony. It was one of those warning pains like my back was saying ‘ahem, excuse me miss, but yoga? Yeah, what’s happened girl? We need to get back on that, you know, just warning you, shit might go down if you keep this up’.

So now I have pledged to make a big effort and commit to 3, 30 minute yoga sessions a week. Yoga is so awesome and they’re literally endless reasons why you should do it….but here’s just a few, along with some of my yoga pics to inspire you to stretch:


1. You will feel amazeballs, seriously. I feel so chilled after yoga honestly- it’s the best drug there is. It’s soul food you know? Feed your soul!


2. There’s a yoga style for everyone. There’s lots of different types of yoga so whether you’re interested in something chilled, something to get you flexible or something more energetic, there’s a class out there for you 🙂


3. It will improve you’re flexiblity- duh! Obviously stretching your body is going to improve your flexiblity which leads me nicely onto…


4. It can prevent injuries- the more you stretch the less likely your body is to get injuries.

5. It’s healing- it can help with back pain, lower your blood pressure, this article here explains how it reduced inflammation in breast cancer survivors.


6. It will de-stress you- I honestly feel so calm after a yoga session. It makes you feel grounded and at peace. Not only that but when I practice outside I feel really connected to nature and often get an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for life itself (that mind sound a bit hippy to some of you but trust me, try t and you’ll see).


7. It can help with anxiety. Yoga not only teaches you different movements and poses to help stretch your body and release tension, it can also help with anxiety because you learn about breathing techniques. I get anxious about particular things- one of them being flying in aeroplanes. I hate the feeling of confinement, being ‘trapped’ in a small space with no fresh air and no way of escaping. Even writing that makes me tense up. When I fly, I use a yogic breathing technique and focus on that- all my anxiety just seems to wash away and I’m okay.


8. It can improve concentration and enhance motivation. Yoga forces you to focus on your body and your breath during class and this can be channeled into the rest of your day. Studies have even proven this- to read more have a look here

9. You’ll become fitter. If you do power yoga or any form of energetic yoga you are inevitably going to become fitter- I still come out pretty sweaty even when I haven’t done a hot yoga class.


10. You’ll become stronger and improve your posture. If you sit at a desk your posture probably isn’t great- practicing yoga will help to improve posture and strength. There’s plenty of poses where you have all your body weight on just your arms or 1 arm and 1 foot- your strength will definitely improve!

So I seriously suggest you get involved and start practicing yoga. And if you’d like to join me in my pledge to do 3 yoga sessions a week, comment below 🙂

If you enjoyed reading this post, please comment/like/share. Thank you!

Katy x


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