The World’s Most Delicious Vegan Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie

  Hello my lovely readers! I decided to share this recipe with you to celebrate the fact that I have reached 20,000 views on this website! I started this blog in Oct 2014 and it is now June 2015. In the space of 8 months I have had 20,000 views which averages 2,500 views per month (very cool!!).

Now I know what you’re thinking- katyhemfit must have a lot of spare time on her hands, clicking links on her website left right and centre to get the viewing number up haha! Well I can assure you they are real people reading my blog which makes me feel pretty awesome!

Exhibit A)     I’m so glad I started this website and will continue to keep you peeps interested by sharing my health and fitness stuff with you. So a big thank you to all my awesome readers- it’s thanks to you guys! Please keep reading/sharing/liking and commenting 🙂

Now, more about this pie because guys, I am telling you, it’s the best bloody thing I have EVER, EVER eaten. Seriously. The base is all chocolatey and chewy- the middle is super creamy and dreamy and don’t even get me started on the chocolate ganachey-style melt in your mouth topping. Uh-maze-balls.

The idea of being vegan is thrown around my head on a daily basis and honestly- if I could just eat this pie every day, I’d be the worlds happiest gal. Sadly our bodies need fruit and veggies and crap like that too *sigh*. Now yes this is a health and fitness website- and no this is not the most healthy pie- I actually put it into myfitnesspal and if you cut it into 16 pieces it works out as 250 calories per serving which isn’t that bad when you consider how good it tastes. Also it has no nasties- nothing processed, it’s all natural baby! AND it’s gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. Yay!

For any of you non-vegans, don’t be afraid of vegan food. You eat it more than you realise! I promise you this pie is so creamy and chocolatey you’d never know it had no dairy in it!

Ok I’m starting to ramble (it’s just the excitement of sharing this recipe with you!) *rein it in Katy* I can’t take full credit for this recipe- hell I can’t even take half. I stumbled upon this vegan blog so it’s thanks to her (but the pics on here are mine).

So thank you salted caramel pie- because of you, my life is now complete. I want for nothing when I have this pie in my arms. Hands, I meant hands!

Right cut the crap Katy let’s give the people what they want: Here’s the link to the Recipe 

Oh and 1 more thing- this pie keeps in the freezer for aaaages- but don’t worry about that. It will have disappeared before you can say ‘holy moly vegan pie is the bomb!’

    Salted Caramel: Drain the soaked dates. Puree all te ingredients+soaked dates listed under salted caramel to combine into a smooth puree. blend for a couple of cycles so the dates blend well. Taste and adjust sweet and salt(add maple or stevia if you like it sweeter). Spread on the crust.    Chocolate mousse: Heat coconut milk until it just about starts to bubble and add to a bowl. Add the chocolate and whisk to melt. Briskly whisk in the rest of the ingredients to aerate the mixture. Pour onto the caramel. Tap the pan to spread evenly.  Freeze until set (a few hours), then slice and serve! The pie stays soft and well for weeks kept frozen. Cover the pie pan and freeze so that the top layer doesn’t dry out.      Enjoy my lovelies! If you enjoyed reading this post please like/share/comment. Thank you! Katy


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