Working Out with Kayla Itsines #sweatwithkayla

Kayla looking amazing (her body looks even better IRL, and a sweaty Sam and me after the workout).

It’s not every day I get to meet one of my idols but on Sunday I was lucky enough to meet the incredible Kayla Itsines.

She is such a great role model and the person who had a big impact on me losing over a stone and a half of weight.

Kayla inspires over 3 million girls every day with her awesome lean, mean body and motivation attitude.
So when I heard she was putting on a bootcamp in London I absolutely HAD to be there.

There was so much demand for her London workout that she put on 2 FOR FREE (and they both sold out in under an hour!!!).
Anyway, I was lucky enough to get a ticket and went along with my lovely friend Sam.

Apparently there were over 2000 of us there!
Kayla came out and put us through our paces for half an hour with burpees, push ups and some killer an exercises. The best thing was that we were all they killing it together and when I started to get tired, I just looked around at all the other girls pushing through and I felt motivated to keep going.
A good bit of advice I took from here workout was if you get tired doing a cardio exercise like mountain climbers, burpees etc. then switch to a core exercise on your back instead.

She also encouraged us to slow down if we needed to but not to stop. It’s always better to keep going that to quit.

They were really obvious things but something I needed reminding of.
She also got major Katy points for saying how proper push ups aren’t called ‘man push ups’ they’re just push ups. Amen sister!
It was nice enough that the event was free but then they told us that during the workout they’d be handing out prizes to those that worked the hardest (there were heart rate watches, Kayla branded water bottles, foam rollers and wristbands). How generous is this gal?!
What really came across is how Kayla had such a good sense of humour and seemed very humble and down to earth. She thanked us and said ‘I wouldn’t be here without you. You did this, not me. That’s why I didn’t create workout videos. I didn’t want to shout at you and motivate you. I wanted you to do it for yourself. You’re the ones that get up every day and do it without anyone telling you to’.
Uh love her!!!
To top it off she spent time at the end of the workout to have photos with all of us and even put here arms around our drenched-in-sweat bodies.
When I got to speak to her I mentioned that she’d featured my progress pictures on her Instagram and after telling her my Instagram name, she remembered me and gave me a big ol hug (despite the fact I was super gross and sweaty) and said ‘well done, you’ve done amazing’.
So yeah, pretty awesome when you get to meet someone you consider a role model and a person you look up to and it turns out they’re even more awesome than you thought they were!
Thank you Kayla- you really have changed my life in the best way.
If you’d like to workout like me and use Kayla’s guides (I can’t recommend them enough) click the link here.


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