Berry Nice Cream Fruit Bowl

       Berry Nice Cream Fruit Bowl Hello my lovelies! Sorry I’ve not blogged the past 2 weeks I’ve been off on holiday and just been super busy. But I’m back now 🙂

I whipped this little bad boy up this morning for an early lunch and it was yummo!

So you’re gonna need to freeze the bananas a few hours before first (peel and cut them up and put in a freezer bag).


2 bananas

Handful of frozen raspberries

3 tinned pineapple rings (and a splash of pineapple juice)

Splash of coconut milk


2 strawberries, sliced

1 tbsp of chia seeds

1tbsp of desiccated coconut

1 tsp of cacao nibs


Stick everything except the toppings in a blender and whizz up until smooth (you might need to add more liquid to get it moving).

Pour out into a bowl and top however you like with the toppings and…


Please like/share/comment.

Thank you,

Love Katy x


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