Tropical Vegan ‘Nicecream’ with a Berry Swirl

  Morning my lovelies! It’s been a rainy few days in England so I thought I’d brighten up your day (and hopefully the weather too) with this deeeelish vegan tropical icecream.

It’s dead easy to make you just need to plan it a little in advance so you can freeze the nana’s.


2-3 bananas (peeled and frozen for a few hours)

2-3 large peeled, cut up and frozen mangos

Small handful of berries

1-2tbsp of water

Toppings (optional)

Small handful cacao nibs

Sprinkle of dedicated coconut

Half a passionfruit


You’ll need a heavy duty blender or food processor to whizz this tough guy up…

First things first put the banana and the mango into the blender/food processor and whizz until smooth (add a little water if you need to ‘get it all going’. Spoon the mix into a bowl and set aside.

Now make the berry swirl by whizzing up the berries in a blender with a splash of water.  You can also use beetroot for an extra hot pink colour.

Swirl this on top of the nicecream.

Top with cacao nibs and coconut if you fancy then cut open a passionfruit and spoon the inside on top as well.


If you like this recipe please like/share/comment.

Thank you!

Katy x


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