3 Months on a Vegan Diet…Did it Last?

Hello my lovely readers! I am back and will now be posting regularly. As explained in my last post I took some time off from blogging to complete my Personal Training course (just waiting on my results!) and then I will be fully qualified!

So my first blog back and I realised I have now been vegan for 3 months so I thought I’d do a review and show you some pics of what I’ve been eating with the view to sharing those recipes with you over the next few weeks. Yay! Get excited!

So first things first I am still vegan and a very happy one at that. Whilst turning vegan over night did come with it’s challenges, it’s been much easier that I thought it would be.

I love being vegan and eating an abundance of fresh fruit and veg, I love that no animals were harmed for me and I am so much happy because of that.

I have more energy, eat better and have less worries about what I’m eating e.g. ‘is this unhealthy? You’re trying to lose weight should you really be eating this?’ etcc..

I have found it easy to eat delicious food I enjoy but it has also helped having such a supportive boyfriend who happily gobbles up anything I feed him without complaint 🙂

Have I had any slip ups? No, well not intentionally. I used a whole jar of pesto and ate it with pasta before realising it has parmesan in it 😦 but I’ve discovered dairy free versions so it’s all good. I also had some dark chocolate I assumed would be dairy free but it wasnt. But I haven’t craved anything non-vegan so badly that I’ve just gone ahead and eaten it- to be honest I haven’t craved anything non-vegan that much anyway.

So, my advice would definitely be to incorporate a more plant based diet into your life as it is super easy and still deeeelish. You will feel better for it and the planet will thank you!

I’d also suggest watching Cowspriacy on Netfix- a great documentary about the effects on animal farming on the environment.

Aaaand..check out my vegan foodie pics below and sit tight for the recipes to follow!

IMG_6075 IMG_5510 IMG_8582 IMG_8602 IMG_8702 IMG_8875 IMG_8915 IMG_5947 IMG_5969 IMG_9154 IMG_9246 IMG_9376 IMG_9448 IMG_9465 IMG_9504 IMG_9854 IMG_9618 IMG_9693 IMG_9726


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