Boom Boom Sports Bra Review


Hello lovelies!

Today I’m sharing with you my review of this absolutely beaut sports bra (and it is a beaut isn’t it?!

The lovely peeps at boom boom athletica ( sent it to me to give it a test drive and see what I thought.

Now honestly I wouldn’t promote anything that I didn’t genuinely think was good because I’m just a terrible liar. I once tried to steal a packet of chewing gum from a pharmacy when I was about 4 and had barely left the shop when I realised what a terrible child I was and confessed all to my Mum (don’t panic- I was arrested but only had to spend a couple of nights locked up. Joking! See! I’m waaaay to honest).

Anyhoo my point is I know I’d be doing my awesome readers a massive disservice if I recommended crap stuff…so I don’t.

And…the boom boom bra is amazeballs which is why I’m recommending y’all go try one out.

First off look how pretty! Like sooo totally pretty. No but really! Most sports bra are a bit dull or just plain black but I love the 2 tones of pink and the criss-cross detail on the back is super cute.

Also it’s super comfy. Now lucky for me, my breasts are small and humble (yep Shakira- old school, I know) so I can’t speak for big breasted babes (holla chicas!) but I seriously forgot I had this bra on- it wasn’t too tight and restrictive but at the same time it kept what little I do have, where I wanted it to be. Note I’m wearing a size small.

I would actually wear this bra to hot yoga or underneath a vest top in summer because I think it’s pretty enough to pass for a legit bra.

Now the website mentions the fancy, sciency bits…“The inner fabric is a soft 4-way stretch that is breathable, pilling resistant, UV protection, moisture wicking. The outer fabric has high shaping power and retention, quick drying, UV protective, and the fabric molds to the body without being restricted.”

Totes fancy!

Anyway I did have a proper sweat session and it lasted the course without me having to squeeze out the sweat so the sciency bits get my seal of approval too.

So yep- safe to say it’s my new favourite bra to workout in and although it’s more expensive than I’d usually pay for a sports bra the quality & cuteness win me over.

To check them out visit:

If you have a product you’d like me to test drive and review please email me: for more info!



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