Battle Ropes Partner Workout

Working out with a friend is so much more fun than working out alone!

Having an exercise partner holds you accountable and ensures you still get that workout in even when you don’t really fancy it because you don’t want to let them down.

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Rope Slam Workout Inspired by @twobadbodies

Here’s a quick look at a workout I created that was inspired by 2 women i follow on Instagram called twobadbodies- they do awesome workouts so check them out and give this workout a go.

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Full Body Workout with a Melon

The other day Mummy Hem came home from the shops with a melon and it got me thinking, I could use that for my workout and then I don’t have to go to the gym. So I had a think about the different exercises I could do and have put them together for you in 3 videos for you to try at home! The best part? You can eat the melon once you’ve finished the workout 🙂

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