Summer Beach Bums Leg, Bum and Inner ThighWorkout 

These are my favourite workouts for legs, booty and inner thighs.

I like to use ankle weights for an extra burn, I’d highly recommend getting some but it’s fine to do it without ☺️.

You can buy my ankle weights here they are 2.5lbs and were £15.

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Legs and Butt Workout


Top: Impact Active Wear
Shorts: Nike

I completed a killer leg and butt workout on Saturday at the gym (with a few dips and pull ups thrown in there!) and got a really good pump for probably the first time ever!
My legs were killing the next day- you know the pain where sitting down on the loo is agony. Yeah it was like that. Serious muscle soreness.

Legs and bum are what I am really trying to shape and tone at the moment. So, if you have any suggestions of great bum or leg exercise- please share them in the comments!

Go give this workout a go and let me know how you get on.

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Killer Abs and Cardio Workout

Yesterday’s killer workout at the gym. I decided to leave my walk/run until last and do it outside. I would have burnt more calories on the treadmill on a high incline but I love to be outside. Exercise HAS to be fun. If it’s not fun how are you going to stay motivated?

Also, exercise outside has been shown to lower blood pressure more than the same exercise indoors. Woop!

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