Vegan Korma Recipe

Juice 2-17

The korma is probably my favourite curry. No scratch that, it IS my favourite curry. I don’t even know why I entertained the idea that there might be another contender. There isn’t. It’s korma all the way. I love the creamy coco nutty-ness of it and I’m not a huge fan of super spicy foods so the korma is perfect for mild curry lovers.

This recipe is pretty easy and reheats well. There’s a load of ingredients I haven’t included but feel free to go wild and add white or sweet potatoes, any other type of bean and veg like broccoli, cauliflower, kale etc.

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Vegan Chickpea Tacos with Crunch Mango Slaw & Spicy Red Pepper Sauce

Juice 2-4

This recipe has become my ‘go-to’ recipe for impressing friends (vegan and non-vegan) and a firm Friday night favourite when you’ve got a bit more time to prep. I never used to like chickpeas but I now realise that stems from memories of eating them undercooked which mean hard and crumbly. I have developed a great love for the humble chickpea and it is an excellent healthy option and meat replacement.

Juice 2-5

So lets get down to the nitty gritty.

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On-the-Go Layered Salad

IMG_5003Vietnamese Rolls Chopping Board

This salad is perfect for something like me who loves fresh crunchy salad and HATES soggy salad- the dilemma? I don’t have time to prepare salads fresh on the day I’m going to eat it. Often I’ll be taking it to work and need it to stay crisp and crunchy AND somehow manage to add a dressing without it going all over my bag.

So, problem solved…layered salads!

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Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

IMG_4978Vietnamese Rolls Chopping Board 3

This recipe is super quick and easy and great if you’re looking to try something new. It’s also lovely to photograph food that is so bright and colourful! You’ll get seriously good instagram-worthy pics.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can make it vegan/veggie/meat-loving so you can cater to all your guests. Yay!

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Healthy Mexican Tacos


Mexican food is probably my favourite food, scratch that, BBQ food is my favourite, Mexican comes in at a close second. The great thing about both is that they are super easy to make healthy (except the large handfuls or cheese and spoonfuls of sour cream poured on top of it, haha).

I made this recipe the other day when I didn’t have any taco shells. Taco shells aren’t actually that unhealthy but I fancied adding in some rice instead. You can always omit the rice if you fancy. No rules here 🙂

If you want to make it veggie friendly then either use quorn chicken pieces of check out my other blog post for 10 minutes veggie/vegan tacos here

So how’d ya make it?

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Meal Prep: How to Do it and Why You Should


With this last month being a particular struggle for me as I have been eating meat free, it prompted me to plan and prep my meals for the week to help keep me on the right track, diet wise.

So how to do it?

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Poached Eggs with Mashed Avocado and Garlic Tomatoes

I created this little bad boy today and this particular creation is actually inspired/dedicated to my brother’s because they love a good poached egg.

It’s the kind of thing I’d probably have at the weekend when I don’t have to gulp it down and rush off to work but it only takes about 15 mins to prepare so you might fancy it during the week.

This is also a super healthy meal; high protein (21g), good fats and slow burning carbs (including 19th of dietary fibre) and some veg too!

So, how’d ya make it?

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Healthy Quesadilla Recipe


I made this recipe the other day with Mummy Hem for lunch and it is super quick and super easy. It’s also great if you’re eating with someone who eats meat and someone who doesn’t/a vegan because you can just make your own and add in whatever you like. Obviously for vegans, omit regular cheese and add vegan cheese 🙂

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Creamy Avocado Vegan Pasta Recipe

2015/01/img_2065-0.jpg I love making vegan food- it’s pretty much always healthy and usually you end up eating loads of veg. It’s also great because you end up learning so much about food and using it in ways you might never have thought of. This recipe’s secret weapon is avocado- avocado is a wonder food for vegans because it can make sweet an savoury foods super creamy and it contains healthy fats that your body needs. I pinched this recipe from Damn Delicious but changed it up a little. Continue reading

Cajun Salmon Fillet with a Mixed Fruity Salad


I love salmon as it is a great source of protein but I don’t get to eat it a lot because it can be pretty expensive- I like to make sure the salmon I buy is wild wherever possible, but this does increase the price.

Wild salmon actually has fewer calories, half the fat, contains more calcium, iron and potassium, zinc and is lower in salt. However, I appreciate that not everyone can afford wild so if it’s not possible, don’t worry. Farmed salmon is still high in omega 3 (helps keep your heart healthy).

This recipe was co-created with my bf- he did the salad and I did the salmon (I had to give him credit or there would have been tears).

So, the recipe…
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