Boxing Day Cardio & Core Blast Workout

Morning lovelies! So sorry I’ve been a little absent on here recently (if you follow me on snapchat and Insta you’ll know I’ve been super busy starting my personal training business so haven’t had a lot of time for my blog) but that’s all changing in 2016! So get ready for more YouTube vids and articles on here!

So- I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day- I enjoyed my first vegan Christmas and, despite forgetting to defrost my nut roast and only realising AFTER all the other food was ready to eat (thus resulting in no nut roast for me) I still had a delish, lovely day and didn’t miss meat at all!

I got up early today and just needed to sweat it all out so here’s a great little post Christmas Day workout for you to try:

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6 Pack Abs Killer Core TRX Workout

Here’s a great core workout to try using the TRX.

Complete each exercise for 10-15 reps then rest for 15 secs. Do this 4-5 times through.


Full Body Workout with a Melon

The other day Mummy Hem came home from the shops with a melon and it got me thinking, I could use that for my workout and then I don’t have to go to the gym. So I had a think about the different exercises I could do and have put them together for you in 3 videos for you to try at home! The best part? You can eat the melon once you’ve finished the workout 🙂

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