Boom Boom Sports Bra Review


Hello lovelies!

Today I’m sharing with you my review of this absolutely beaut sports bra (and it is a beaut isn’t it?!

The lovely peeps at boom boom athletica ( sent it to me to give it a test drive and see what I thought.

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6 Pack Abs Killer Core TRX Workout

Here’s a great core workout to try using the TRX.

Complete each exercise for 10-15 reps then rest for 15 secs. Do this 4-5 times through.


Pre-Holiday Diet and Exercise Routine

‘No carbs before Marbs’ or rather ‘No carbs before Barbs’ as that’s where I’m off to (Barbados).

I’m a very goal orientated and motivated person and prefer to work under pressure. If I gave myself a goal that was in 6 months time I might not work as hard during the first few months because 6 months is just too far away for me.

I also like to push myself and, whilst I strive to have a healthy bod all year round I don’t think there’s anything wrong with becoming a little stricter and working harder for a special event or holiday- I want to look my best.

So with just under 4 weeks before my holiday (25 days- not that I’m counting or anything) I thought I’d up the exercise and cut the crap in my diet to really see what my body is capable of.

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Rope Slam Workout Inspired by @twobadbodies

Here’s a quick look at a workout I created that was inspired by 2 women i follow on Instagram called twobadbodies- they do awesome workouts so check them out and give this workout a go.

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How to Stay Motivated: My Motivation Wall

A slightly less wordy post today- I get asked all the time “How do you stay motivated to eat well and exercise?”.

I have written another, more in-depth post about this here but I wanted to show you a couple of quotes I have posted in my room to remind me to stay inspired.

I found most of these postcard in paperchase- pick ones that mean something to you and that will give you a little push in the right direction when you need it.

Put them up where you are likely to see them everyday and make a conscious effort to read them regularly.

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20 Signs You’ve Become a Proud Health Freak

1. You look forward to the swampy green thing you call a smoothie for breakfast.
2. You’re now oblivious to work mates staring at said swampy green breakfast.
3. You enjoying eating weird shit like quinoa, spirulina and kombucha.

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14 Things Every Girl Needs to Remember About Losing Weight

1. It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint-

Weight-loss takes time.
Let me tell you right now and save you years of trying shit, fad diets like I have, THEY DON’T WORK. Juice cleanses, detox teas, diet pills, wraps and ridiculous bone crushing corsets might work in the short term, but you can’t keep that shit up. It’s simply not sustainable (and not good for your body). So learn from mine and millions of others women’s mistake that the only way to lose weight is to eat healthy food you enjoy and move your body on the daily.

Summer Beach Bums Leg, Bum and Inner ThighWorkout 

These are my favourite workouts for legs, booty and inner thighs.

I like to use ankle weights for an extra burn, I’d highly recommend getting some but it’s fine to do it without ☺️.

You can buy my ankle weights here they are 2.5lbs and were £15.

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Full Body Workout with a Melon

The other day Mummy Hem came home from the shops with a melon and it got me thinking, I could use that for my workout and then I don’t have to go to the gym. So I had a think about the different exercises I could do and have put them together for you in 3 videos for you to try at home! The best part? You can eat the melon once you’ve finished the workout 🙂

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Legs and Butt Workout


Top: Impact Active Wear
Shorts: Nike

I completed a killer leg and butt workout on Saturday at the gym (with a few dips and pull ups thrown in there!) and got a really good pump for probably the first time ever!
My legs were killing the next day- you know the pain where sitting down on the loo is agony. Yeah it was like that. Serious muscle soreness.

Legs and bum are what I am really trying to shape and tone at the moment. So, if you have any suggestions of great bum or leg exercise- please share them in the comments!

Go give this workout a go and let me know how you get on.

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