Healthy Recipes to Make for Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day was never something I use to bother with but last year I got truly pampered by my boyfriend and decided that actually, Valentine’s is pretty awesome when a spa and fancy restaurant is involved.

It also means that spring is on its way which means one step closer to summer!

Another reason I love Valentine’s? Chocolate. My favourite thing. Now that I’m all healthy and what not I thought I’d try my best to make healthy versions of some Valentine’s treats you might like to share with your loved one. Some of them are kinda healthy but I’d still recommend eating them only in moderation.

Obviously these recipes were sooo dull to create and I definitely didn’t lick the bowl at all. Not once. Girl guides honour. Ahem. Anyhoo lets get to it!

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Berry Nice Cream Fruit Bowl

       Berry Nice Cream Fruit Bowl Hello my lovelies! Sorry I’ve not blogged the past 2 weeks I’ve been off on holiday and just been super busy. But I’m back now 🙂

I whipped this little bad boy up this morning for an early lunch and it was yummo!

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Blueberry, Banana, Vegan Icecream

Last night I visited my lovely friend in her new home. We celebrated with her sister (also a lovely friend of mine) and Mummy Hem by enjoying a few glasses of Prosecco and a delicious vegan and gluten free curry.

For pudding we had the most creamy ice cream and I was fortunate enough to pinch the recipe to share with you all.

Serves 4

5 bananas
1 large punnet of blueberries
1 tbsp of coconut palm sugar
Handful of raspberries (for the topping)

Slice the bananas into pieces and freeze in a bag with the blueberries until hard (5+ hours)

In a blender or food processor whizz up the bananas, blueberries and coconut palm sugar until smooth and creamy. You might need a little water to help it get moving initially (1-2tbsp).

Eat immediately by serving in a bowl topped with a handful or raspberries.

Sadly this ice cream won’t freeze very well. What a shame- you’ll have to eat it all in one go 😉

Ps this recipe is super healthy and a great treat to have if you’re trying to be good but still want something delicious and satisfying.

Experiment with various different toppings e.g.
Cocoa powder
Frozen strawberries
Vanilla essence
Frozen peaches

The list is endless!