On-the-Go Layered Salad

IMG_5003Vietnamese Rolls Chopping Board

This salad is perfect for something like me who loves fresh crunchy salad and HATES soggy salad- the dilemma? I don’t have time to prepare salads fresh on the day I’m going to eat it. Often I’ll be taking it to work and need it to stay crisp and crunchy AND somehow manage to add a dressing without it going all over my bag.

So, problem solved…layered salads!

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Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

IMG_4978Vietnamese Rolls Chopping Board 3

This recipe is super quick and easy and great if you’re looking to try something new. It’s also lovely to photograph food that is so bright and colourful! You’ll get seriously good instagram-worthy pics.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can make it vegan/veggie/meat-loving so you can cater to all your guests. Yay!

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Should You Try Vegetarianism?


A Review of My Meat-Free Month

Most of my Instagram followers will know I decided to give up meat for January (Veguary). I have been thinking about whether it is the best thing for me to be eating meat so I decided the best way to find out was to give it a go and see.

Let me set the scene…

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Meal Prep: How to Do it and Why You Should


With this last month being a particular struggle for me as I have been eating meat free, it prompted me to plan and prep my meals for the week to help keep me on the right track, diet wise.

So how to do it?

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Healthy Quesadilla Recipe


I made this recipe the other day with Mummy Hem for lunch and it is super quick and super easy. It’s also great if you’re eating with someone who eats meat and someone who doesn’t/a vegan because you can just make your own and add in whatever you like. Obviously for vegans, omit regular cheese and add vegan cheese 🙂

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7 Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan with Recipes

I have created this great meal plan to help you reach your health and weight loss goals easily, whilst enjoying what you eat. Healthy food isn’t and shouldn’t be boring! Wherever possible I have tried to make it easier and cheaper for you by turning evening meals into different lunch time meals the next day. I have also made sure each lunch time meal can be eaten cold (incase you work somewhere that you cannot cook or reheat your food) I know, I’m really thoughtful like that.

For each morning snack have some fruit, I would suggest some berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) or perhaps an apple. I would also suggest having your fruit with some natural, low fat yoghurt and a little cinnamon (boosts metabolism).

For each afternoon snack I would suggest some veggie sticks (carrot, cucumber, celery) with a healthy dip such as my Red Pepper Houmous

If your STILL hungry in between meals (leave 2-3 hours between meals- including snacks), have a glass of water and wait 30 mins. If after that you’re still hungry, have some more fruit or veggies.

If you’re still hungry in the evenings after your dinner, I’d recommend trying one of my sweet treats such as Peach Froyo or Vegan Ice cream

Sunday evening is your cheat meal- I think it’s better to have it at the end of the week as a treat. Have whatever you fancy- it can be as naughty as you like! Cheat meals work because many people try and eat only healthy foods and they end up binge eating for days because it’s just too hard. Having a cheat meal allows you to enjoy some unhealthy food without the guilt. Then, when Monday comes around, you get back on track with your healthy eating. One bad meal won’t make you fat! However it is a MEAL, not a whole DAY of eating bad foods.

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Meat Free Monday: Healthy Eating Meal Plan and Exercise

Hi guys I thought I’d share with you all a typical day of mine.
Let me be clear, this is what I eat on a really good day, (and by good I mean healthy) on a good day I avoid sugary snacks/drinks, processed food and food high in salt or saturated fat. However, I am not a robot- I enjoy treats ALOT. Keeping myself full on healthy food prevents me from giving in to my cravings for bad food (most of the time). I eat healthy food 80% of the time. It’s just as important to indulge now and then as it is to eat well.

Lately I have been trying to cut down on my intake of meat (for lots of reasons but thats for another blog post) so I always try and make Monday (and often Tues, Weds, Thurs) meat free. Here is my meat free, healthy eating meal plan and exercise for the day.

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