Vegan FAQ

  • What is a vegan?

A vegan is someone who does not buy/support/eat any products that have come from an animal. This includes all meat, fish, dairy, eggs, sea food products e.g. fish sauce, shrimp paste etc. and animal products found in clothing e.g. wool, leather etc.

  • Why are you vegan?

In a nutshell I’m vegan because I think it is cruel and unnecessary to kill animals simply for human pleasure. Humans can thrive without eating animal products so why cause unnecessary pain and suffering.

Farming animals also puts a tremendous strain on the environment- cows produce more greenhouse gases than all modes of transport put together!

Lastly I believe eating a plant-based diet is so much more healthy for your body and mind.

If you’d like to learn more about why I am vegan what my Youtube video where I go into more detail here

  • When did you become vegan?

July 2015

  • Where do you get your protein/calcium/vitamin b12?

Fruits and vegetables, grain, beans and pulses provided the human body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive and be healthy. Beans, pulses and grains have a particularly high amount of protein in so there’s no need to worry about getting enough. Vitamin b12 can be found in marmite (my favourite), nutritional yeast, koko coconut water and naked smoothies (smoothie fortified with minerals and vitamins).

  • Do you feel more healthy as a vegan?

Hell yes! I feel so great eating a vegan diet, I have increased my daily intake of fruits and vegetables and am nourishing my body with natural wholefoods. I also feel great knowing no animals were harmed and I’m doing something great for the environment. I also have better, skin, energy, mental focus and sleep which I believe is due to the way I eat.

  • But what about cakes, cookies, chocolate and cheese?

I use to adore all those foods and I still do! How? Vegan alternatives! You can get heaps of dairy/meat free alternatives to enjoy and often they are more delicious than the dairy/meat versions. Did you know milk actually contains a large amount of pus? The government set a limit as to how much is allowed per pint of milk but it IS still allowed. Pus-filled food? No thanks!

  • You’re vegan, you must eat lots of tofu and other soy products?

Nope! I try and avoid soy as much as possible, occassionally it is in some of the vegan junk food I eat but my main diet does not consist of vegan junk food.

  • Why do you avoid eating soy?

There is lots of research to suggest soy is a very harmful, cancer causing product that is very dangerous to our health. It is especially known for causing breast cancer. It can also drastically lower a man’s sperm count, cause problems for thyroid function and young girls who consumed more soy have been found to go through puberty at an earlier age.

  • So what do you eat?

I eat oats for breakfast almost every day with coconut water and raspberries. I eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies but especially bananas, berries, mangos and medjool date and lot of green veg like broccoli, kale and cucumber. I also enjoy rice, potatoes (sweet and white), brown breads/bagels/wraps/ and pasta as well as beans peas and pulses (my fav are chickpeas). I try to keep salt and refined sugar to a minimum (but still have these things as a treat once or twice a week) and avoid saturated fat except coconut oil.

  • How do you stay healthy and slim- isn’t a high carb diet going to make you gain weight?

Carbs are not the enemy here! Meat and dairy is. It’s unnatural and we shouldn’t be eating it. Wheat, breads, rice all grow from the earth. For some people carbs like bread, pasta and rice can react badly but for most people they thrive on carbs. Carbs are what gives you energy! Our bodies need carbs to thrive.

  • How many calories do you eat a day?

I no longer count calories. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. It is a stress free way of living but occasionally I input my food into my fitness pal to track my vitamin and nutrient intake. I eat between 1800- 2200 cals a day but am working on increasing that.

  • Is one person being vegan really going to make a difference?

Absolutely! Every time you eat a vegan meal, you save an animals life, you put less strain on the environment. Did you know it takes 660 gallons of water to make just 1 hamburger?! That’s the equivalent of 32 showers!

  • Ok, I understand you don’t want to kill animals but surely milk and eggs are fine to eat?

Afraid not. Firstly cows milk is for COWS! Surprise surprise humans are NOT designed to be drinking it. Cows are in an almost constant state of pregnancy to produce as much milk as possible, this put the cow under an enormous amount of stress and strain. Calves then get taken away from their mother within the first 48 hours of being born. If that calve is male it cannot produce milk so is killed for veal.

Male chicks are no good because they cannot produce eggs so they are thrown into a grinder (alive, yes alive) and ground up to make chicken nuggets.

Aside from the fact most hen’s are treated cruelly, left in tight cramped spaces, their beaks sliced off and their breasts growing so fast their body can’t cope with the strain, an egg is basically a hen’s period/ovary disgusting thing that came out of her vagina. Why on earth would I want to eat it anyway?

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